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Protect Your Device from Ransomware 

Recent attacks impacting gasoline delivery in Southeast highlight the negative impact that ransomware criminals can have and should prompt us to consider if we are taking the right precautions to protect our important documents and other data. 

Backups We should take steps to ensure our important files are backed up. The easiest way for students, faculty, and staff to do this is to enable sync in Microsoft OneDrive from the top menu from OneDrive will copy your files to the cloud and keep 30 days of file history.  

Phishing Awareness – Be suspicious of authentications prompts, especially for Microsoft Office 365. For most users, selecting ‘Keep me signed in’ means you will not be prompted to authenticate again on that device unless you update or change your passphrase. Be especially careful with email attachments and consider simply previewing them in your browser rather than downloading and double-clicking these files. 

Questions – If you are a faculty member or staff member and have questions about preventing ransomware, reach out to your Information Security Liaison or ask us a question via If you are a student, reach out to our Service Desk at 


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