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  • Major Vulnerability Alert – log4j

    ***Please understand that this is a fluid situation and this post may be updated periodically as new information becomes available*** A critical vulnerability has been discovered in log4j that is actively being exploited.  This is an issue both for systems and web administrators on campus, including those who support products with a web interface, as well as requiring the attention of those that manage relationships with Software… Read More about Major Vulnerability Alert – log4j.

  • Computer with lock symbol

    Protect Your Device from Ransomware

    Protect Your Device from Ransomware  Recent attacks impacting gasoline delivery in Southeast highlight the negative impact that ransomware criminals can have and should prompt us to consider if we are taking the right precautions to protect our important documents and other data.  Backups – We should take steps to ensure our important files are backed up. The easiest way for students, faculty, and staff to… Read More about Protect Your Device from Ransomware.

  • Oversharing Online

    Oversharing online while working from brings unique risks.  As folks share desktops for screen shares on calls while presenting at conferences, or even post pictures on social media of their home office, what might a scammer do with this information? Accidentally exposed insights make their jobs of targeting us easier, while the ongoing pandemic – a situation where people are overly anxious, stressed, away from… Read More about Oversharing Online.

Last updated: September 6, 2023