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Welcome to data governance training @ UNC. These short videos help to create a solid foundation for faculty, staff and student employees to better understand their shared responsibility in protecting University data. 

Total time commitment 

  • 20 minutes (7 videos, all less than 3 minutes) 
  • Because the time commitment to complete the training is small, it decreases the burden while also making sure everyone has a baseline understanding of challenges and opportunities. 

Who should take this training? 

  • Ideally, everyone! 
  • The top priority is for any and every University employee that engages with Tier 1, 2 or 3 data. Not sure if that includes you? Watch the training! 

What are the benefits of the training? 

  • Understand our shared vision for data protection.  
  • Set clear expectations for those who work with data. 
  • Clear up common misconceptions about data protection.  
  • Convey the most important aspects of our data protection work.  
  • Set the stage for more in-depth conversation and training. 


How to watch…

The video playlist below plays the videos in order. To view specific training videos, click the hamburger icon (near the 1/7) in the video player top right corner.