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ITS has made the LastPass Premium password manager available to students, faculty and staff for personal use at no cost.

Password managers can help you and the campus members you support to protect your digital identity and your online accounts, providing a safe way to store your passwords, notes and files. The primary benefit of LastPass is that it can remember all your passwords — so you don’t have to. Additionally, LastPass can tell you if your password is discovered in a breach, notify you of risky password reuse, and provide you with a score to help improve your online safety.

The premium version enables you to share passwords, store files and utilize advanced multi-factor options to protect your data. LastPass Premium also has a convenient mobile app to help you with website and app logins. The app is available at the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

LastPass customer service representatives will support our campus users. Central IT and distributed IT units will not be responsible for LastPass support.

To get started with LastPass, visit

To learn more about the University’s offering of LastPass Premium, please visit our FastPass FAQ.