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  • Understanding Sensitive Information

    If you’ve ever been asked whether or not you work with sensitive information, you may wonder what the University defines as sensitive information. The University maintains an information classification standard that provides detailed guidance on what is considered classified information … Continued

  • Fraud Alert: Venmo

    Members of the UNC community are being targeted by scammers attempting to open Venmo accounts using e-mail addresses. These attempts are likely for use in future impersonation scams. While Venmo’s account confirmation process has been helpful in preventing the … Continued

  • Files with a lock

    LastPass Premium is Free for the UNC Community!

    LastPass Premium is great way to secure and simplify your digital life. Go beyond storing passwords and experience additional protections for your digital life with unlimited device type access and advanced security features in LastPass Premium. You can find instructions … Continued

  • Computer with lock symbol

    Protect Your Device from Ransomware

    Protect Your Device from Ransomware  Recent attacks impacting gasoline delivery in Southeast highlight the negative impact that ransomware criminals can have and should prompt us to consider if we are taking the right precautions to protect our important documents and … Continued