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Information Security Liaisons (ISL) are unit staff members appointed by their Dean, Director or Department Head to serve as the intermediary between the unit and the Information Security Office (ISO). By policy, each unit should have both a primary and a secondary ISL to assist each business unit implement the University’s information security policies, participate in information security initiatives, and respond to security incidents. 

Specific ISL duties include:

  1.  Assist the ISO with timely incident management and response as requested
  2. Support the proper identification, classification and storage of University sensitive information.
  3. Support the proper management of computer resources that works with sensitive information or are deemed mission critical.
  4. Represent their University business unit at the majority of formal ISL meetings held throughout the year.
  5. Partner with the ISO on security improvements for the ISL’s University business unit or department.
  6. Keep the business unit management apprised of their entity’s status with respect to information security matters and compliance with key security controls.
  7. Facilitate the transfer of knowledge on security-related issues to the faculty and staff within the ISLs University business unit or department.

The ISO schedules monthly meetings (third Thursday of every month) to update ISLs on current security issues at the University. The ISO manages a Microsoft Team space to facilitate accurate and timely communications between ISLs and the ISO.